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Home Appraisal Courses Online?

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Mary Costello

Freshman Member
Jun 27, 2003
My boyfriend would like to become a home appraiser. We are having a very difficult time finding good courses that he can take at home online. Does anyone know of any?

Mike Simpson

Senior Member
Jan 30, 2002
Go to your states on line list of accepted courses...then look up the approved companies on the Internet--you'll be overwhelmed.

Some states require live instruction for prelicensed required classes--call your state licensing board (Appraisal Department), and inquire.

I take all my courses--both real estate & appraisal on line, CD or diskette...I wouldn't have it any other way--it's an amazing time saver.


Gina Leone

Freshman Member
Apr 17, 2003

You should check with your state appraisal board. Here in New Hampshire, you cannot take an online course. You must physically attend classes. Your state board should have a list of approved courses and course providers.

Good luck,

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