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Home Inspectors Unite

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Mike Simpson

Senior Member
Jan 30, 2002
Check out the news story @ www.inman.com regarding; Home Inspectors Organization bans referrals from Real Estate Agents--it make for interesting reading.

Here's an excerpt; When brokers or agents mix with home inspectors; a practice that's common throughout the country; the result is a home inspector who lives in an agent's hip pocket, Robitaille believes. He said inspectors who give home buyers unbiased reports that potentially could derail a home sale are referred to as "deal killers" and are "blackballed" by some agents.

It's a brand new year ladies & gentlemen, and it feels like that pendulum is finally starting to swing the other way. I'm optomistic about the future of our profession (cautiously optomistic--not giddy), and intend to write a well crafted letter in hopes of getting some of these Home Inspection Organizations to sign the appraiser's petition.

As a one time Home Inspector/Pest Inspector I know what they suffer. The more you know--the less work you get. Rubber stamp it or pay the consequences. This has got to stop!


Jeff Horton

Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
Amen Mike!! As a new Home Inspector I made the mistake of soliciting the Real Estate Agents. Then I realized my mistake and stopped that! Now I depend on my advertising and word of mouth. But my Home Inspection has got me more buisness as an Appriaser than it has as an Inspector. :)


Junior Member
Mar 13, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Woohoo! That's great.. I am really optimistic about the home inspection industry. They are providing a *MUCH* needed service to homebuyer's that needs to be completely independent to be of any value whatsoever. We've got only a couple of home inspectors in my area and only one that I think does a completely honest and open inspection.. he's the one that I refer all of my buyers to. An educated and experienced home inspector IMHO is about the most valuable party to any real estate transaction that I can think of. :D

- Brandon
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