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Home Shows

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David Riggs

Sophomore Member
Apr 12, 2002
I would like to ask the appraisers out there:

1.Has anyone tryed marketing at a HOME SHOW(or like) before?

2.How did it go?

I have been to several in tulsa over the last few years and never seen appraisers. I was surprised. Is it because most of the biz is NOT from the public? Is it because they are so overrun with biz they don't have the time or what?


Michael Reilly

Junior Member
Jan 15, 2002

I made that very recommendation on the ACE Forum, I suggested that the group purchase a small portable booth with some of the membership fees that could be shared with its members to do the Home Expo's and was ridiculed for it. Then when 1 or 2 regulars felt it might be a good idea someone else was commended for recommending it. LOL. Anyway, we have done a few in our market and scored two large builders one of which to date has provided us with three very large development projects. The first one was a 2300 unit condo project another was a 500 unit high-end SF development (million dollar plus dwellings) and most recently a 480 unit SF mid-level development. I would tell you for a fact that it works if it’s the right type of show. By the way the show I am talking about was a home improvement Expo and you can get the list of exhibitors way in advance to insure the builders will be there.

Not open for further replies.
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