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How Judges get appointed.

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Jan 15, 2002
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The article below is about how local judges get appointed. MY reason for posting this is to show that these judges are selected by their peers...other lawyers.

The difference between lawyers and appraisers is that there is ONE BAR ASSOCIATION that recommends the people for these positions. ALL of the lawyers are members of the same BAR ASSOCIATION instead of having 10-15 organizations like appraisers have. COMPETING organizations I might add which seem each have a "we are true source of appraisal knowledge" mentality. Man what a splintered profession we are.

Posted on Sat, Dec. 28, 2002 ????
10 candidates seek county bench seats
Former prosecutor who lost election bid among contenders for 2 posts
Staff Writer

Former Mecklenburg District Attorney Tom Moore lost his bid in November to become a judge.
But he's still hoping to put on the black robes.
Moore is among 10 candidates to replace Mecklenburg District Judges Eric Levinson and David Cayer, who were elected to other judgeships in November.
Mecklenburg Assistant District Attorney Steve Ward and Charlotte-Mecklenburg assistant police attorney John Joye also hope to win one of the two district judgeships.
The other candidates are attorneys Marc Gentile, Mike Godley, Amy Howard, Dolly Manion, Michael McGee, Aaron Michel and Ben Thalheimer.
Mecklenburg's more than 3,200 lawyers will help decide who fills the judgeships. District judges handle everything from misdemeanors, traffic offenses and juvenile cases to divorces, child support and custody.
The deadline for filing was Friday, and the Mecklenburg County Bar will send ballots to its members next week. The ballots must be returned by Jan. 14. Gov. Mike Easley will then make the final selections from the top three vote getters in each race.
Mary Howerton, the Mecklenburg Bar's executive director, said bar and court officials have urged Easley to act quickly.
The judgeships will be vacant next week once Cayer and Levinson are sworn in to their new jobs. Levinson won a judgeship on the N.C. Court of Appeals in Raleigh. Cayer won a Mecklenburg Superior Court judgeship.
Ward, 47, has been a state prosecutor in Charlotte for 17 years and now heads the Mecklenburg District Attorneys office's crimes against persons team. Before joining the DA's office, he was an assistant public defender for five years.
"My years of experience as an assistant public defender and an assistant district attorney have given me insights into what it takes to be a good judge," Ward said. "A good judge should listen, treat both sides fairly and be decisive."
Joye, 31, is a former Mecklenburg prosecutor and has been an assistant police attorney now for more than two years.
"I've seen good judges and I've seen bad judges," Joye said. "I know what it takes to be a good judge. I can bring a lot of energy to the job. Given that there's a quarter million criminal cases filed each year, there needs to be a lot of energy over there in the judiciary."
Gentile, 31, a former Mecklenburg assistant public defender, now does civil defense work with the firm of Morris, York, Williams, Surles & Barringer.
"This is a unique opportunity to serve the public," Gentile said. "I think I've got the background to do an effective job as a judge."
Godley, 42, is a partner in the firm of Thomas, Godley & Childers in Mooresville. He's handled everything from workers' compensation to personal injury cases and now focuses on family law, including divorces, child support and custody.
"I'd come to the bench with a problem-solving mentality," Godley said. "I've worked years helping people resolve their legal issues."
Howard, 32, has been in private practice since 1995 handling criminal and civil law, primarily domestic and juvenile cases.
"It's something I've always been interested in doing in serving the public," Howard said. "There is a great need in the district courts for judges with experience in domestic law."
Manion, 49, is a former Mecklenburg assistant district attorney now in private practice, handling criminal, traffic and domestic cases. She's been an assistant attorney general in Raleigh and a federal public defender in Missouri.
"I think I have a vast amount of experience -- both personal and legal," Manion said. "I have the temperament and understanding to be a fair judge."
McGee, 59, has been in private practice since 1991, handling everything from family law, criminal defense and business litigation. For 15 years, he oversaw litigation at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Charlotte.
"I believe I can do a good job as a district court judge," McGee said. "I have practiced before the courts for a little over 30 years. I believe I have the wisdom to listen to both sides of cases and make decisions that are both fair and in accordance with the law."
Michel, 45, has spent 10 years practicing criminal and civil law, handling a range of work from business litigation to family law.
"Judges have a substantial impact on peoples' lives," Michel said. "I want to make sure the people of this community are treated fairly."
Moore, who was Mecklenburg's district attorney from 1970 to 1974, couldn't be reached for comment. He was general counsel for Pic 'n Pay Stores Inc. from 1979 to 1996 and has been in private practice.
In November, he lost to Charlotte lawyer Becky Thorne Tin in the race to replace retiring District Judge Resa Harris.
Thalheimer also could not be reached.

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Not only are lawyers properly organized, their umbrella organization the American Bar Association decides which schools can train lawyers. If a student doesn't graduate from one of their approved schools (which limit their enrollment) he can't take the examination to practice law in most states. This like allowing the teamsters union to decide who can drive a truck.
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