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Daryl Frierson

Freshman Member
Feb 16, 2003
I’m a resident of the Metro Atlanta area. I passed my appraisal test going on 7 months now and I’m finding it very challenging to find Mentor. Over the course of time I’ve looked through the yellow pages and cold called several appraisers, sent out several resume, but I have not had any success. The responses that I’m receiving is that it essential to know of someone in the industry that is willing to bring me in prior to taking classes, other then that it by chance that I’ll find someone. My question is what is the best route here in Georgia to find a Mentor? Are there any seminars I can attend or organization that I can join to interact with appraisers on a broader scale? Any suggestions are highly encouraged.

WannaBe Appraiser looking a Mentor to find a Mentor

Mike Garrett RAA

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Jan 14, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Hit the bricks! In person call on every appraisal shop you can find. Ask not what a mentor can do for you but what you can do for the mentor.

walt kirk

Look in the help wanted ads. Many shops with extra work are looking for help. Of course they want licensed appraisers but might give you a shot.

Shelley Holmquist

Freshman Member
Feb 26, 2003
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Licensed Appraiser
Offer to work for free for a week or two until you can really give some quality help to preparing appraisals (pulling comps, doing the input, etc..).
Then when your Mentor sees how much of an asset you can be, he should offer you payment for your services.
As a Trainee myself, I look at it as being schooled w/o having to pay for it! (only in time) and when I get my tiny paychecks, oh boy, I am now being paid to go to school!!
Shelley ;)
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