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HUD Appraiser Ad Hoc Committee

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Junior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Wouldn't it be grand if all appraisers on the HUD roster could organize to fight this proposal?

Let's say that we (someone) prepare a pro forma response to the proposal (I'm assuming it has yet to be published in the FR).

From this forum, we could get 5 or so HUD roster appraisers from each state. By state, we download all the names of appraisers and agree among the 5 or so volunteers to send the pro forma responses to each appraiser with a plea for them to respond to the proposal.

If we were energetic, we could also prepare a pro forma letter to be addressed to our Senator/Representive informing them of our displeasure with the proposal and provide them a copy of the response sent to HUD.

I'd like to say that another solution would be for a massive boycott but then, I dream a lot.

Neil (Texas)

Sophomore Member
Jan 16, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser

This post from the NAIFA HUD forum may be of interest. Tom M. is one the most knowledgeable HUD appraisers I know. You might want to drop him a note.

Neil Schaeffer, IFAS
Terrell, TX
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