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I knew that my life had changed

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Tom Foster

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Apr 18, 2003
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When I was a teenager I used I used to clean up leaves from the front yard of an old MAI appraiser for candy and soft drink money.

This was back in the 70’s and he had a big IBM Selectric typewriter. He also had a very expensive SLR camera with a big wide strap that looked like a belt.

He worked out of his home in a spare bedroom.

What impressed me the most about this appraiser was all the beautiful women that were always hanging around his house, blasting the stereo, smoking pot and laying around the swimming pool in bikinis.

Most of these young ladies were less that half his age.

He drove a Mercedes at the time, back when driving a Mercedes really meant something.

He offered me a chance to shoot comp photos in the area and teach me about the appraisal business.

As I rode my bicycle home in the rain, I knew that my life had changed forever.

I now identified with something.

I would be more that just a prison guards son. I would be an appraiser.

To be continued …………………
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