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I think i just broke the world record!

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Dean House

1.59 P.M., I add my companies listing to appraiserusa.com. 2.00 P.M., I recieve a phone call from a National bank. They want to give me an order, 2 miles from my office, COD...
'Where did you get our name' I ask.
'Appraiserusa.com', he replies
Thats strange i think, i just added my name less than one minute ago.
'Sir, i ask, when exactly did you see my name'
'Literally 30 seconds ago', he replies, 'i called you immediatly, thats a great website isnt it'.
'Apparently so' i reply
I give him a few details. 2.04 P.M. , the fax machine fires up, here comes the order, im going out there this afternoon. We get to eat tonight afterall.....

If Wayne was president, the world would be a better place.

Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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Licensed Appraiser
:lol: :lol:
Folks, the Winnah and pro'bly Champeen for some time to come:

Dean House,

and the rest!

That's clients AND suppliers and end users and borrowers and all!

Head Surfer

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Jan 4, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
:oops: :oops:

You guys are too much!

Dean, your story has to top them all!

Thanks for the feedback!

I wish each and everyone of the 3,800 appraisers listed in AppraiserUSA.com could get work from it. Unfortunately if you are in a populated area and you do a search for your county and 30 or 40 appraisers turn up, then it is human nature for most people to start at the top of the list, so those people at the bottom usually get left out.

That's why we offer Top 5 Directory Positions!

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