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industrial gases and chemicals; "warm storage"?

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Oct 3, 2007
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I work for the assessor's office, so the appraisals we do certainly aren't at the level you fee guys do. Mass appraisal at it's best, with a limited number of cost codes to go around. Sometimes we have to put square pegs in round holes just to get some kind of value.

I was checking up on a new nation-wide "chemical managment" company in our county - hazardous chemicals, gas warehousing, lot'sa government oversite, etc.

Within their building they have one area designated as cold storage, and a seperate adjacent area that is called "warm storage". The office guru's here have never heard of such a thing, but I guess certain volatile chemicals would have to stay above threshold temperatures for safety. Within our limited cost codes, I can call this area simple storage warehouse and package unit heating (vs. space heat for the rest of the building), or I can cost it out the same as cold storage since there would seem to be similar infrastructure.

In the big picture, income will drive the value, but we also do the cost approach and I'm trying to make sense of this "warm storage" designation.


Sep 16, 2007
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Call the plant manger and chat with him he might have some good way of describing it and the costs for it. You might even so for a tour. call a couple of contractors. Call Marshall & swift...
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