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Inman Letter to Editor Re going back to rotation panel

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David Mullen

Junior Member
Jan 17, 2002
This is an excellent letter and it repeats what was said before "Lender Select" was finally implemented over the objections of HUD staff.

Nothing will change because this program is what the real estate and lending organizations paid for in their bribes to our elected officials.

In California, Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers and will tell appraisers up front that you either hit the sales price and ignore problems or you will not get any work.

Until lenders and agents walk up the aisle together to speak to the judge and jury, nothing will change unless it gets worse.


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser

Because of the golden rule-he that has the gold(Lenders) RULES.

The lenders said that if they could select the appraiser that they could get the report sooner.

We had a 5 day turnaround OR off the panel we went-98 % met the 5 (business day turn)

When the panel was disbanded I could have made a fortune selling the HUD repair forms and the M&S form. (MOST had never used the M&S)

Now all I do is FHA REPOS.---50% have negative drainage--

But the lender(GOLD) got their way and they WILL NEVER CHANGE BACK

Not bitter, just truthful--ed in arkansas
Not open for further replies.
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