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Interesting bit of data about Real Estate Brokers in Wisconsin.

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Ray Miller

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Feb 20, 2002
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Interesting bid of data about Real Estate Brokers. In the past two weeks I have done a mailing to Real Estate Brokers in the 19 counties I cover for Auctions and Appraisals. The number was a bit more then 1,210 cards. The cards were marketing my two up coming real estate auctions this Saturday and the following Saturday. www.raymiller.ws click on “up coming auctions”. In addition to my appraisal business and our web site on both sides of the cards. We have also done an email blast state wide that cover over 7546 emails to Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Property Managers, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Management Companies, that covered the same marketing strategy and services offered.

To date we have had over a 140 cards returned with unable to forward and 2597 email bounced back as undeliverable.

Now some of the cards are large real estate offices that have consolidated in to lesser offices meaning fewer brokers for the firm. Some are firms that were in the Yellow pages last year, but have now closed.

This shows me an industry that is in a recession regardless of how rosy the NAR wants to paint a picture. To me that is a large number of people going out of business in less then a year.

On a second note, this appears to be a cost effective way to reach a number of people by use of these cards. In addition we are listed on 45 auction real estate sites with links to my home page as well as the NAA and WAA home pages linking back. We are also doing a live on site auction/on line auction at both auctions with www.proxibid.com as our platform for the on line live part, we getting a large number of viewers a day at their site and link up to our home page as well. Getting many out of state calls on both auctions. I hope that we get some additional income for the other services we offer off all this marketing.

aussie ken

Mar 11, 2005
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Ray....assuming that your returns are reasonably right thats a pretty impressive down turn in your area for Brokers, Agents and Financiers.
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