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Keystroke Saver

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Jan 15, 2002
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I cannot type very good, and no time to configure Dragon so this really is a time saver.

It is "clipboard" bucket--enclosed is their description.

'm using a neat little utility called SmartBoardXP. It's a real timesaver. It's a "clipboard extender" which lets you keep track of multiple items that you copy to the Windows Clipboard, but it's really much more than that. Used simply it allows you to copy items from any program (text or pictures or anything really) and go back and get them anytime later and paste them back into any application you like. The clip items even survive across a reboot.
It's really neatly integrated into Windows; you'd think it was built in from the start. Going to fetch a clip item and paste it into the current application can be achieved with just two keystrokes or a single mouse-click, there isn't usually any need to even use the paste command from the application you are working with, SmartBoardXP does it all for you!

Not only can you just capture and paste items, but you can do all sorts of other things too. If it is text you can modify the clip item in almost any way you could want to with just the click of a button or two, for example to change it to uppercase or lowercase or even to proper "sentence case" if you've accidentally had the Caps Lock key down. Even if SmartBoardXP doesn't have the sort of manipulation you want you can even write your own scripts in any of the standard scripting languages, VBScript, JScript, Perl, Python and TCL etc. to do anything you want! At the extreme you could probably even implement a language translation facility! A few scripts are supplied, including a rather neat one that adds up columns of figures for you! Of course your scripts could do other things rather than just modify the text of the item, such as working with files or other programs.

It also has a really neat "template" facility. You can add special markers to your text Items, and when you come to paste them back it asks you what you want to replace them with. It's ideal for "canned" responses to e-mails where you just need to change one or two simple things like putting the recipient's name in to personalize it a bit and a real time saver!

There is much more to SmartBoardXP like spell checking, e-mailing and so on, but even with the power it has it's still very simple to use. Give it a try; I'm sure you'll like it.

You can grab a copy from http://www.smartboardxp.com. It's not a very big download and comes complete with an installer and uninstaller and comprehensive documentation to get you going.


Lazy Ed in Arkansas
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