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LandSafe Launches Relocation Product

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Jan 24, 2002
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Hey Pamela, i guess we can't go more than a week without some press release stating they can to it faster, cheaper and better. I guy could loss his confidence after about the tenth one. First the Lakers lose and now this.....I guess there are like 5 people in a room who do nothing all day but think how they can bypass the little old appraisal fee. I would love for somebody to come up with a press release stating "We have a faster, cheaper loan and we give you more money...2% rate loans and you don't have to pay it back if you don't want. Let Countrywide beat that. It just gets so old after awhile.

Time to go to happy hour



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Jan 16, 2002
Well the hyper talk / speedy turn time and all the other crap doesn't seem to really speed anything up from what I've seen. Look at your local MLS times from contract to closing date and see how fast they really are. I've seen quite a few that have taken up to 4 months to close. It's all hype, do you remember back when all the Real Estate Companies were running around going - we're #1 - we're #1 and were hanging their hat on those words; well I've always been of the opinion that I want to be #2-because I will work harder to try and attain getting to the number 1 position. Work, the old fashioed way of earning a living; not lying; or trickery; or projecting BS; - i think you get more respect and refferal work from those who know your a stright shooter, right from the get go.

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