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Lenders moving out of Georgia?

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Gary Leduc

Junior Member
Jul 23, 2002
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
My mentor, who I have been with since my appraising career started
this past September, told me last night on the phone that several of his
clients have told him that lenders are moving out of Georgia due to the new lending laws that have just taken effect in Georgia.
Anyone out there familiar with this scenario?
Is it really as bad as my mentor has made it out top be?
Thanks for the Georgian replies,

Mountain Man

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
I'm still as bizzy as I want to be. Sure it has slowed down, but in my area, it always slows down at this time of the year. Most of my clients are A paper lenders or local banks that lend out of their vault, and don't play funny money games. Between the purchases and small commercial jobs, I'm fine. Just another small storm in the real estate world. Our family and business lived throught the 80's, this ain't nuttin' :wink:
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