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lloking for trouses and sky trailer pics.

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Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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Folks I was in a hurry and could NOT find some of the many GREAT pictures of trouses and trailers with a view/ WHAT were they thinkin' pictures..

IF some of you could help me out with direct mailed photos or links to past threads... I would sure appreciate your help...

I am off and runnning on more important (kid related) issues but would sure like to prove a couple of points...

Thanks in advance.

Patti Jury

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Mar 23, 2002
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This one is my Awesome RV...hope it helps! Doing an appraisal near Cripple Creek. My Parents had to go with me as I was just out of surgery and in a boot cast...could not drive or walk real well.

I swear I have never heard my Mom laugh so hard in my life. I made a Christmas card for them using this photo...as they had just purchased a new motorhome. The gave the cards to all their friends with the phrase...Please save us a spot in your driveway when we come to visit in our new RV..it was too funny!
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