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Loan Underwriters - did they used to work at McDonalds?

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Jan 22, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Did a custom on 3 acres. Had 5 comps, first 3 on 1 acre, 4th on 2.4 acres and 5th on 10 acres. Usual high $ adjustments for site values, supported in the report. UW rejected the report stating the THREE sales did not support the value. Oh, what about 4 and 5? This jackass was in New Jersey while the property is in Texas. I guess the concept of $50K per acre land is beyond him (we have subdivisions at $150K per acre in the area. One very exclusive property is reportedly asking $1M per acre - haven't seen a closed verifiable sale, either.) Anyway, I sent the report back with now 7 comps.

Talked with the appraisal orderer. Stated that she though that they were hiring UW's whose last job was a burger flipper at McDonalds.

Well, we'll see if the burger flipper can read a report.


Tim The Enchanter

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Jan 24, 2002
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Well, we'll see if the burger flipper can read a report.
:lol: :cry: :oops:

Or maybe it's time for the "Body Slam" addendum. As stated in the original addendum... :p

Reiterate, don't capitulate. :p

Larry Lyke

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Feb 2, 2002
Roger --

Lee is pointing you in the right direction.

You are too kind and assumed for just a split second that UW actually took the time to read the report all the way through and tried to understand it.

I always assume the UW is wrong and reiterate my own position, and we grapple therefrom.

An extra comp from an accomplished assiduous appraiser is an admission of guilt or inadequacy -- you choose.

Unless, of course, the UW is right!? Hmmm...
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