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Local Realtor Board Vs. MLS Service

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George A Easton

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Jan 5, 2004
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Hey gang, perhaps its different throughout the country, but I've always blindly been a member of my local realtor board and my local MLS board. I'm not a realtor, but obviously I need MLS access. So given our cost cutting times, what would you guys (and gals) say are benefits of being in the local realtor board? Or must you be in the board in order to even have access to the MLS service?

Ray Miller

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Feb 20, 2002
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In the area I am in you got to belong to the local Realtors Association, The State Realtors Association and the National Realtors Association and pay dues in all three if you want access to the Local MLS. Then because so many of the MLS overlap you got to pay dues to each one of those, then if you all the other MLS that some non realtors belong to you got to pay extra for those.

I just got called on an appraisal I did a few weeks ago, because the one of the local real estate office use an MLS system that was over 100 miles away for the area he sells homes in. He did not have them listed in the SCWMLS, SWMLS, List Net or the Milwalukee MLS that reaches clear across the state and covers the same area. He used the Equ Clare MLS system. Then you got about 25% of real estate brokers that don't use any MLS and you got to run the court houses and stop by thier offices for their sales.

Data cost is high for me, too high for what they are wanting to pay for Appraisals now days.


Nov 1, 2002
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I can obtain access to my local MLS without becoming a member of the local Board of Realtors.

However, the MLS fees are higher for non Realtor members so there is no savings.

In addition, non members are allowed minimal (if any) user input on the MLS system. Since the local Board of Realtor Leaders ignore (and abuse) most Realtor members, there is not much difference between the treatment of rank-n-file members and non members.

In addition, there are two local Board of Realtors in my area. Board A has developed the MLS. Board B uses the Board A MLS. The Board A Leaders are as corrupt as they can be (caught falsifying records, FTC complaint for unfair trade practices, lieing to the members, etc). The Board B Leaders are better, but at the mercy of the Board A Leaders in regards to the MLS until a viable replacement is available. We'd like to get rid of the Board A Leaders and move everybody to Board B.

bueno suerte.
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