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Long time Loading

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David S. Roberson

Senior Member
Gold Supporting Member
Jan 16, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Has anyone else noticed it seems to take longer to load Forum pages than it used to? I don't think it's me; I'm on cable, and other sites load as quickly as they used to. Is it me?

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
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Licensed Appraiser
I haven't noticed any difference between the forum and other sites... but also being on cable and having BEEN on cable in other areas I can tell you that timeing is everything... evenings are a drag and it takes near forever to load many sites that are a whiz in the daytime...

When Cable loads up there is a noticable drag, and when the rest of the world gets off work and starts playing the net my area slows noticably and irregulary!

If you are ever surfing the net in Hawaii you can really tell 3 pm...


Lee Ann


Senior Member
Jan 16, 2002

yep it takes longer than before, but as LeeAnn said, sometimes it's the time of day - I guess


Head Surfer

Staff member
Jan 4, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
If it takes longer loading then it is your connection. Our server is first rate with lots of memory and almost always runs at only 20% or less of it's capacity.

The forum loads almost instantly for me on DSL. I notice no difference day or night, evening or morning. The server is in Denver and I am in Florida, so it's not like I am close to the server or anything.

I think the key is DSL. DSL does not share resources with other users like Cable services do. With cable you have to share the resources with other users. That's why it is slower in the evening.

And if you're on dial up, well, sorry, but there's nothing you can do except wait.
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