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Losing patience with new forum.

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Jan 15, 2002
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A few minutes ago, I spent a lot of time and effort offering another view to the Quark-Austin-Hildebrandt Post. Self-spelled checked it, too. Then chose "Preview" to give it a final check before sending it out.

What happens? Screen goes blank. Post is gone. Screen says please log in. I read the FAQ. It says if you don't check "log me in automatically", you'll be automatically logged out after a certain length of time.

Well, I have kept on checking that box, hoping sometime, somehow, it will take effect, so that was not the problem. I've seen the comment that it's an individual problem, and rare at that. Small comfort for me.

Thomas N. Morgan (Florida) :? and :evil:

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Jan 4, 2002
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Please see this post:


Again, there is no way I can attempt to help anyone if they don't tell me what browser and version they are using, their settings and what other software they are using per the post above. You had posted to that thread so I assumed you read the post.

Something else to try:

Do you have access to another computer? Try posting from it. Use the test forum. Try to imitate the methods you use when posting on your present computer. Logging in, waiting a while to post, then post, etc.
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