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Mentor needed

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Rafael Montoro

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Freshman Member
Aug 7, 2002
Became Registered in the State of Florida one month ago. Have contacted at least 20 local appraisers and no one in the South Florida area is willing to train. Do you have any suggestions?

Ross (CO)

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Rafael, .......Welcome to the Forum. It appears you are expressing your direct experiences of not having done some ears-to-the-ground research before acquiring your license. You may be recognizing exactly how important it is for one to establish a mutual work and training affiliation prior to investing the time and money into getting that appraiser license. Perhaps you have a Realtor friend who told you how lucrative the appraising field was. The last word in that sentence was meant to be past-tense. You have contacted about 20 appraisers who you feel are "local" to where you live or within an area that you would feel comfortable covering. It appears you may have to expand that circle and, if necessary, give consideration to moving to another part of the state, either further away in "south" Florida or moving up north. What else are you going to do ? I can hope that you might still have another active career path from which to derive the income you require while you continue to kindle and develop a starting point to do appraising work. ----Bear with me here, Rafael, as I impose a small suggestion. Get more familiar with the archives of the Forum, and research a past posting from June 5th, with post time of 2:55pm, by a "bobburnitt". It was one of those which I have printed for my "Classic Forum Postings" file ! I wish I could immediately remember the category within which it was posted, very likely in the "Newbies/Appraiser Wannabe" category, and answered an inquiry titled "Why don't established appraisers take on trainees?". It was offered as advice for one experiencing what you are and allows that person a chance to discover and then decide upon which side of the proverbial fence they choose to position themselves in this fast-changing career field. I doubt many can effectively play both sides. How would that person sleep at night ? Look it up and read it more than once. Best wishes to you as you get started.
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