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Mentor -vs- Friendship

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Jan 7, 2003
Hello. I am currently going through the course requirements to receive my initial appraisal license which will enable me to be mentored in my state. I have a very close friend who I have known for many years. He is a certified real estate appraiser and works in an area very close to were I would like to work. Unfortunately his personal situation will not allow him to mentor me due to time and other constraints, however he did offer to help me in any other way he could. He has many years of experience in the art and I feel he would be an outstanding resource for a beginning appraiser. My question is this. When the time comes and if I am fortunate enough to find a mentor in my area, should I make this friendship known? I wouldn't want to put my future mentor off by revealing this friendship, although I wouldn’t want to keep anything business related from my mentor either. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but I know if I were in the mentor position, I would feel uneasy knowing that my apprentice had another resource so close and one I was not completely familiar with. Any thoughts anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


The appraisal community is quite small. Sooner or later someone will ask you if you know Joe or Bill or Ann or some other appraiser. Assuming that you don't plan to take clients from your mentor and go into business with your friend, you have nothing to loose by being honest.

Rob Bodkin

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Nov 9, 2002
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#1 rule in appraising: find a shady place to park.

#2 rule in appraising: never, ever lie. You never have to remember anything if you never ever lie.

We are a small world and from what you said it does not sound as though your boss/mentor should have anything to worry about.

Good luck,

Rob Bodkin
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Ross (CO)

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Jan 17, 2002
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Thomas, ....from your posting, you just may be "reading too much into this".....Whoever becomes your mentor will not be required to be a one-and-only, nor should you feel obligated to see it that way. It would be o.k. to have two mentors. It may be just fine to let the other one know you are also working with another. Each may not be able to provide you enough work to sustain your income needs, they may admit that outright, and therefore they may have absolutely no problem with you working with another. Learn to prioritize whatever assignments you get with diligent and thorough completion to satisfy both mentors. They won't "own" you, nor will you get their full, 100%, and indivisible attention. They've got their own work to complete and helping you is part of their duties. Try your darndest not to create any habit of saying "my other mentor says do this..." as you will surely learn that cats can be effectively skinned in more than one way. I am certain that you can and will clearly recognize if you are being coached to act in any way improper, unethical or outside the bounds of common sense. In moments like that your gut will tell you with whom your greater loyalty may reside. You will have to be exposed to "both sides of the fence" before you may recognize on which side you pitch your tent. One can hope that a sense of friendship exists with any and all mentors with whom you might be associated in the early years, and beyond. You will also develop mentoring relationships with Realtors, lenders, builders, remodelers, new home sellers, assessor office staff, and the occasional UPS delivery truck driver you wave down on that back road when you can not find an address. Stay tuned to the Forum, as we are one big wagonload of scholars, tacticians, investigators, problem solvers and the occasional buffoon. I always put myself at the end of any list. Best wishes.
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