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Mercury Desktop

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Marty Davis

Freshman Member
Aug 1, 2002
I signed up for Mercury Desktop last evening and after getting everything completed, I went to edomina.com and got my listing set up.

I sent an e-mail to the tech support of AlaMode to ask where the list of lenders that used Mercury Desktop was, so that I could get approved with any that I was not. I was directed to the list and to my amazement ALL of them were management companies!!!

I don't do business with them, because they take a big part of the appraisal fee and now I have wasted my $$$$ buying a license for Mercury Desktop. I have been told that this is a NEW service and the lenders have not come on board, YET.

WAIT, if you are considering getting a license for Mercury Desktop, unless you enjoy sending your $$$$ to the management companies. :x

Maybe this will be a good deal, but it is NOT a good deal now!

Maren Davis, SRPA


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2002
Professional Status
IT Professional-Appraisal Related
Don't worry, there are full-fee lenders and brokers also coming on the network, and we're spending lots of marketing dollars to bring them to you. It's in our best interest to bring you as many full-fee jobs as possible. We only make money if you make mone.

It's simply common for management companies to be the first to jump on new streamlining technologies such as this, since they eat, sleep, and breathe appraisal ordering.

We think it's our responsibility to simplify the process of doing business and cut costs for every appraiser, regardless of what sort of clients they choose to use. Those appraisers who do work for the clients on the Mercury Network gain immediately by not having to jump through the hoops they have in the past, like retyping appraisal reports or suffering through hostile reviewers due to a simple oversight in a report.. That's because Mercury uses standard PDF's -- no retyping -- and it reviews the report for you before it goes to the client. The client never knows if you made a simple mistake, since Mercury alerts you before it's sent.

Basically, Mercury reduces the hassle factor on both ends of the appraisal process. That's good for everybody and helps reduce the incentive for lenders to look for alternatives to appraisals. It's not a magic wand, but it sure helps.

Remember too that we've taken heat from appraisers in the past for getting between them and their clients (on this forum). All we're doing with Mercury is helping you reduce expenses and find new clients while allowing you to make your own choices as to what sort of clients you're seeking.

Hope this helps clear up the confusion. Bash away.

Dave Biggers
a la mode, inc.

Marty Davis

Freshman Member
Aug 1, 2002

I belong to most of the appraisal order sites and the amount of $$$ that you can spend is AMAZING. I get a little work from most of them and a lot from one of them. I thought that Mercury Desktop would be a new approach since it was originated by the pioneer and leader in Appraisal Software. When I looked to see who the clients were, I was super dissapointed. I am sure that you are correct that other lenders will come on line eventually, but I was just shocked to ONLY see management companies. My post was ONLY to save others the surprise.

I know that there are HUGE front end costs to develop something like MD, and any users initially are probably welcome to you. I am an oldtimer (appraising 34 years) and I am not real happy with the way our profession is going with the management companies and AVM's. I will be retired and fishing before it gets REALLY bad, but I have a daughter in the business and I am worried about her future. :(

I appreciate hearing your information and look forward to seeing some of the clients that you speak of.... :roll:

By the way, it is REALLY GREAT to have the CEO of AlaMode on the forum! You even responded to a message and "took the heat". Now, That is a LEADER!

Marten Davis, SRPA
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