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Microsoft Visio - drawing - Floor Plan

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Apr 10, 2002
I just wanted to know if there were any appraisers who are using microsoft visio to create thier floorplan drawings. My drawing program crashed and I am considering buying Microsoft visio, but I want to know that it will do all I need it to for an appraisal drawing. Please write back with any insite into this product you may have. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Have a great day! :)


Junior Member
Feb 20, 2002
If you were in a bind you could use it. Visio is really a flowcharting software that has freeform sketching capabilities. You could definitely draw a floor plan with it but it wont give you any area calculations that all the appraisal sketching programs have.

You can set scales and it’s faster than Apex IV because you can edit portions of a drawing easily without redoing the whole sketch. It really isn’t geared towards the appraisal biz though.

It’s great if you want to illustrate the workflow of your appraisal process. I use it at my day job all the time. Maybe I can flow chart my appraisal process and identify some short cuts.

Thanks for the idea.


Pat Butler

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Slacker gave a good summary. Viso would be an overkill for floorplans. It's real strength resides in its property sheets whereby your graphical images can be tied into a database.
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