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Mineola Long Island Loan And Id Theft Ring Busted Abc Channel 7 News

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Feb 26, 2006
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Over the course of a year, the alleged ringleader of the "highly sophisticated" operation filed more than 100 credit union loan requests using stolen identities of people with good credit, from all over the country, officials said.

The ring apparently targeted doctors and teachers, people with seemingly good credit, and found their identities from various sources, including school and hospital websites. It then harvested additional information about them from the Dark Web, created profiles with their information, and ran their credit reports.

The loans, taken out in amounts ranging from $7,500 to $35,000, were filed electronically under the stolen identities, using the names and social security numbers of the individuals. In many of the cases, a money order was used to open the loan, and once the credit union approved it, the loan money was deposited into bank accounts opened in the victims' names.

Officials said one suspect worked at Capital One as a banker and allegedly stolen account information and sold it to other members of the ring for $500 a piece. She also opened accounts for the ring to use under victims' names.
Another suspect ran a credit repair service from his Brooklyn home.

2007 reboot.

Stage coach got away with similar........

Lee in L.A.

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Jan 24, 2002
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The companies and people giving the loans need better ways to prevent fraud, ie loaning to people who do not plan to pay back.
If only they were loaning their own money, not our tax payer money or "OPM". Maybe they would check closer.
Don't say Eww, loaning our own $ is too risky. :nono:
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