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MobileSketch and Medina

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Apr 23, 2007
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Is anyone else having troulble with Mobilesketch integrating with Medina properly. I loose sketches nearly everytime I try to close out of Medina with either Clickforms or ACI. I have also tried draging my sketch from my PDA to my desk top and then importing in to Medina. It worked today when i was on the phone with Apex, but not the next time. BTW when opening Medina, the sketch I tested with APEX tech today defaults in. When I close out of Medina not only do I loose my sketch, but the sketch that defaults when opening Medina is the one that ends up on my Clickforms Sketch page.
Is mobile sketch and Medina just not a good marriage and APEX is just concentrating on Nexus as the Mobile sketcher?
I have removed Medina from my computer for about the 8th and I am going back to APEX 3 which never fails, but it won't integrate with Clickforms.

APEX is closed for the weekend and I am stuck with a handfull of reports to do. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

Randall Garrett

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Mar 6, 2004
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Hi Jay,

Sorry this has taken me so long to respond to. Perhaps you've seen this topic covered in other forums, though (?) ...

Anyway, the defect is in Medina and it is on the list to be fixed. It was a really dumb mistake, too - easy to fix and should have never been missed in our QA process, but it was.

We've put this bug into the list for resolution in the next update. Right now, I don't have an exact date when this will be included, but I will know pretty soon.

The bug is in the way we are using ActiveSync (we call it "ActiveStynk," LOL) so the way to get around this bug is to use Windows Explorer to browse your PPC, select the file and move or copy the file to (say) your desktop. Then, in Medina, select File|Import. Pretty much the same as you might have done earlier, just not using ActiveSync.

Hope this makes sense. If you need help, give Brian a call and he can walk you through it. We should do a video on this - not only to illustrate the work-around, but also just to show people how this is done anyway... :)
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