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Monday's Tip: Subscriptions

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Jan 4, 2002
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One of the neat things about the new software is that you can subscribe to entire forums. Now you wouldn't want to do that to a large forum, such as the General forum, but if you have a special interest you might want to subscribe to one of the small forums.

Subscribing to an entire forum means that you will be notified of ALL new posts in that particular forum, whether or not you participated in the topic.

To subscribe to an entire forum just click the forum name from the main page to display the forum. At the top right of the forum (on the blue bar) there is a link that says "subscribe to forum". Just click on it (of course you must be logged in or it won't allow you to subscribe).

Every time there is a new post or reply to ANYTHING in that forum you will get a notice. Very useful also for forum leaders who want to monitor their forums so they can respond to posts.

WAIT!! Say you subscribed to a forum and you are getting too much email! Never fear, it's easy to un-subscribe!

Click on "My controls" which is listed above the forums on every page.

Then, on the left side of the page, under "subscriptions", click on "view forums". That will show you which forums you are subscribed to. Click "un-subscribe" for the forum you want to un-subscribe.

While you're looking around in this "Subscriptions" section.....

Click on view topics. You will see the topics you are subscribed to. If you want to un-subscribe to a topic, check the box on the right and click the un-subscribe button at the bottom.

Look around at your other settings while you are in your Control Panel. You will find it has many useful features.
Not open for further replies.
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