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NC Legislature meets 11/11/02 for board/commission aptmnts.

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To all North Carolina Real Estate Appraisers:

Gov. Easley will reconvene the NC House and Senate TOMORROW in regard to his veto of Senate Bill 1283. This was the FIRST VETO in North Carolina history.

The bill concerned appointments of some 134 individuals to various state boards and commissions INCLUDING the North Carolina Appraisal Board. The bill included 4 appointments to the NCAB and enlarged the NCAB to 9 members. Two of the NCAB appointments did not comply with legal requirements as set out in The NC Appraisers Act. One of the NCAB appointments was declined by the fellow appointed.

Why should you care about this? This will probably be the best opportunity appraisers will ever have to let legislators know that these NCAB appointments are important to future of our business and that we should have the most qualified, honest, ethical, informed and experienced people available for this board that oversees our livelihood and chosen profession.

What can you do about this? Write, call, fax or e-mail your state legislators (or ALL of them, statewide) and let them know what YOU want and expect regarding these appointments. Many legislators have indicted that board and commission appointments are unimportant. Let them know that people who pay fees to and are governed by professional license boards and commissions consider these appointments very important. If you ever find yourself finding yourself before the NCAB defending yourself against a complaint...it will be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT then!

PLEASE Contact your legislators IMMEDIATELY and encourage every appraiser you know to do the same. We may not all want the same things in NCAB members but hopefully we all can express our opinions and ask for serious thought, consideration and judgment when these appointments are made. If you plan to contact them, it must be done TODAY or TOMORROW, before they VOTE AGAIN.

The three main individuals to contact are Governor Easley, Senate President Pro-tem Marc Basnight and Speaker of the House Jim Black. These gentlemen make ALL of the NCAB appointments of both public (non-appraiser) and appraiser members.

You can FAX your letter to:

Governor Easley (919) 733-2120
Speaker Kim Black (919) 715-0772
Senator Marc Basnight (919) 733-8740)


Robert D. Ipock
NC State Certified Residential Appraiser, A-2901
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