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Greg davenport

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Mar 30, 2004
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Got the newsletter in today, and I have to say it is a VERY interesting read.
17 non renew's, 7 surrender license (or so it looks) and 2 going to court.

I have had the mis pleasure of reviewing 2 of the 9, and I am glade to see they are no longer among us, or will soon be gone.

The 13 disciplinary actions listed do make for some sad reading. It reads like HUD and USDA filled some complaints.

the comment I found to be most interesting was the 67% fail ratio of the new test.

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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the 67% fail ratio of the new test
not surprising. I think they have made the test harder and that is an effort to "weed out" folks. OTOH, the fail rate has always been high because qualified schools were paid on Jobs programs by the Govern. I've been in several where the students were taking the classes simply to draw a government check and had no intention of hunting a job, a supervisor or least of all, working.

I have a comment in the Imp Prof. class on the newsletter. BTW, I emailed the board about ANSI. I would prefer a system where we are required to state the source of the measurement, not be required an ANSI standard. I have a problem with the idea that one can measure a house to 1/10th inch accurately. I mean rock or brick, even siding will vary and not all houses are that square. Most carpenters expect a slab to be within one inch of square but I have seen a many that isn't.

Likewise, ANSI is totally inappropriate for rural and commercial buildings although I don't think they intended to adopt a standard for them. Also upper ½ stories and dormers...who can measure them from the outside without a theodolite? I prefer the appraiser simply have to state the source of the measurement and whether that complies with ANSI (Plans & Specs, personal measurement, public record, etc.)

I knew a couple who did not renew. One (Marinoni) is a banker now and hasn't appraised anything since 05 or 06 best of my knowledge. Stephanie is auctioneering...who knows what else...her mom is still appraising. Another on the list...good riddence. The surrenderees...Irvin surprised me, heck of a piano player though. L. Webb has a long standing feud with the board and finally threw in the towel. I suspect her legal bills were overwhelming. I believe this California guy was part of an unwraveling mess that maybe involves one of your old "buds" from out East...
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