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No Red Tag? VA loan requirements? Appraiser? Realtor?


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Jan 15, 2002
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North Carolina
I myself am a DV. I had an issue with a VA IRRRL and my lender. They simply were trying to screw me over on Loan Cost.. I threatened then by saying I was going to Contact the VA. They all of a sudden became much more friendly to me and went by the IRRRL conditions.

What a mess you have. An Attorney is a very good idea. Statute of limitations has some quirks in it where you may still may have an actionable cause and an attorney will know them. If your spouse used an attorney for the VA Disability Claim, then call that attorney and get a recommendation of an Attorney.

Here is something to consider: "The statute of limitations may begin when the harmful event, such as fraud or injury, occurs or when it is discovered. The US Supreme Court has described the "standard rule" of when the time begins as "when the plaintiff has a complete and present cause of action." The rule has existed since the 1830s
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Feb 18, 2002
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I totally missed this part:

I came out to him with my jaw dropped to the floor, saying Fleetwood said we will not find red tags, because the home was totaled in transport and Fleetwood refused to put them on.


I didn't miss that part. That is why I recommended the OP talk to an attorney.
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