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North Carolina Appraiser Petition to be sent NEXT week.

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Jan 15, 2002
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North Carolina
I plan on sending the North Carolina Appraiser Petition to the NC Legislature and Governor's Office NEXT WEEK.

The way the appoint process works in NC, is they are usually made at the end of the legislative session. The appointments must be approved by a vote of the legislators.

There are two appointments (or reappointments) that need to take place.
Mr. Henry Faircloth is the "public member" of the NCAB. He is the only non-appraiser on the board. Mr. Faircloth is a fine gentleman and has served on the NCAB for ELEVEN YEARS. It is time for a change in order to get some new ideas, new input and some diversity on the board.

The other appointment (or reappointment) which needs to be made is for the seat held by Mr. Bart Bryson. Mr. Bryson is the current Chairman of the NCAB.

Please sign the NC Appraisers Petition to help impress upon our elected officials the importance of making thoughtful selections for these appointments. They may choose to ignore the petition but at least an effort will have been made.

The mission of the NCAB is to "protect the public" so all citizens (no need to be a real estate appraiser) who support qualification based appointments are encouraged to sign.

You can read and sign the petition at:

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