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North Carolina State Board Appointments

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David C. Johnson

Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
NC Participants of AppraisersForum (& others too):

In preparing for filing my forthcoming complaint to the Appraisal Institute (AI), I have been doing some research on analogous organizations' complaint filing & resolution process. For one, I have been looking at the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

This research has partly overlapped other research I am attempting regarding state licensing and regulatory Continuing Education requirements for practitioners in analogous industries/professions in NC -- specifically regarding appointed board members themselves (most of whom are practitioners). Again, I have been looking at the accounting industry/profession.

In so doing, I may have inadvertently stumbled on some verification of some info passed on to me recently. I had heard that it is not just the NC Appraisal Board where there has been "no word" from our governor's office regarding board member appointments or reappointments. Apparently there are several other state boards, such as the NC State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners (not to be confused with the AICPA -- it does get confusing), where there have been no such decisions made yet.

In a way this is encouraging as it suggests that NC appraisers are not being singled-out and ignored. It may mean that such appointments to important NC state boards are being taken seriously and are not being done in any hurried, haphazard manner. And, it is (more than) likely that there have been some particularly pressing concerns for many governors across the nation over the last few months. I now believe that improving the make-up of the North Carolina Appraisal Board (NCAB) has probably not been overlooked.

On the following cited Web page, notice (near the bottom of the page) the "appointment/reappointment" notifications under each of the (CPA) board member's names. We can see that some of these members have not been reappointed or replaced either while their terms have expired.

Side Note:
I was pleased to see from the hyperlinked "resumes" for each of the CPA board members at this agency that only one may have particularly suspect accounting experience prior to board service: "Arthur Andersen & Company, 1970 - 1974" (!)

Directions to this URL (which has been helpful in several regards along with the ones cited under my "sign-off" for this post):


(Then click on the "About the Board" button on the site menu located on the left-hand margin of the page)


David C. Johnson, Raleigh
NC State-Certified General R.E. Appraiser

Other pertinent URLs to my research:

1) www.aicpa.org/about/faq012.htm

2) www.ncacpa.org

3) www.passonline.com/authority.asp?akey=42
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