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Ohio and California have, when will Florida?

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Michael Tipton

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Sep 25, 2005
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The following was copied from California's SB 223 signed into law October 2007. Ohio has a similar law in place. When will Florida do the same?

My next call from a California lender asking for a comp check and/or please call note will require a faxed order in order to see if the new California law has teeth.

Article 7. Unlawful Influence of Appraisers

1090.5. (a) No person with an interest in a real estate transaction

involving an appraisal shall improperly influence or attempt to improperly

influence, through coercion, extortion, or bribery, the development, reporting,
result, or review of a real estate appraisal sought in connection with a
mortgage loan.
(b) Subdivision (a) does not prohibit a person with an interest in a real
estate transaction from asking an appraiser to do any of the following:
(1) Consider additional, appropriate property information.
(2) Provide further detail, substantiation, or explanation for the appraisers
value conclusion.
(3) Correct errors in the appraisal report.
(c) If a person who violates this section is licensed under any state
licensing law and the violation occurs within the course and scope of the
persons duties as a licensee, the violation shall be deemed a violation of
that state licensing law.
(d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize communications
that are otherwise prohibited under existing law.




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Feb 23, 2004
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Do I read it right that there is no clear language concerning ordering? I guess you could put it under development, but it is vague.

I'd really like these laws to specifically address the "ordering" or "solicitation" aspect of optaining an appraisal.

Of course, simply banning the mention of any value what-so-ever would solve most of the problem.
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