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On-frame Modular comps.

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Charley Horse

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Aug 28, 2004
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Ok... I've discussed this w/several local appraisers and I'm getting conflicting opinions.

Doing FHA assignment/1977 on-frame modular on a 1004 per client's request. IMO, subject shares more quality elements w/Manuf-HUD than other off frame modulars. No on-frame modular comps in my subject's immediate market (low density area), I can go 20 miles away and capture a couple similar vintage modulars, but with significantly less site values.

I have found two Manuf-HUDs in my subject's immediate market w/comparable site values... WHICH (IMO) share more quality characteristics w/my on-frame modular subject than most typical modulars.

Question: can I use both Manuf-HUDs & similar vintage Modular comps in my grid for this on-frame (chassis) subject?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

Jo Ann Meyer Stratton

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Jan 16, 2002
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Yes--whatever a prospective buyer of the subject property would consider as substitutes. Lots of explanations are necessary in the Expanded Comment Section. Disribe the market, how far back and far away it was necessary to locate properties with similar marketing appeal. That might be a mixture of manufactured homes, mobile homes, on frame modular homes, off frame modular homes and site built homes.

Also lots of explanation in your report on why you have determined the subject is an "on frame" modular, photos of undercarriage, any labels, tags, insignia, etc, etc you found.

Lawrence R.

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Mar 27, 2007
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South Carolina
I would think so. i would guess you should make a quality adjustment to the modular comp, if you feel the subject is inferior to the mod in quality. the handbook says to choose comparables bast on overall similarity(not on price) which isn't an issue for you.

Then, of course, explain that in length in you addendum somewhere.

Comps should be comparable...if your judgment says HUDs are more comparable, why wouldn't you use them?

Just make sure this property is eligible...4905.1 describes ineligible properties.
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