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Our George Hatch has a letter 'published'

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Jan 13, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
This was in a recent email issue of the buzz:

The Buzz that received the most response this year was by far the
anonymous contribution, "10 Way to Kill the Appraisal Industry". There were hundreds of responses. Here is one to follow:

"The article "10 Ways to Kill the Appraisal Industry" was misnamed. It
should have been named "10 Ways to Kill the Appraisal Management
Company Industry". Except for the complaint about appraisers not returning phone calls (which most people will agree is unprofessional), all of the complaints on that list had nothing to do with the survival of
professional appraisers and the appraisal industry. That list is made up of
issues that are near and dear only to the AMCs. I even doubt that a
lender wrote that article. I think it was an AMC; but we'll never know
because the author didn't have the hair to name themself.

Come to think of it, the name of your newsletter, "Appraisal Buzz", is
also a misnomer. You should call it "AVM/AMC Buzz" because that's what
most of your articles are about. The typical appraiser is not interested in
working for fee splits and a 6" electronic leash. If we were, we'd be
working for appraisers in a fee shop that actually contributes to our
efforts, not computer geeks and deal makers who are inserting themselves into our business while contributing nothing."

George Hatch

Another one I though interesting:

More fan mail re the Press Release from Lenders Services about my friend George Vann joining them as Chief Appraiser.....

"Why you would even acknowledge a company that fleeces appraisers, uses them with below average appraisal fees and takes advantage of
appraisers who are sucked into a fee structure based on a "volume" promise is beyond me. Lenders Service is one of the reasons this industry is going down the drain slowly but surely. They overcharge banks and slow down a process that makes the appraisers look bad overall. Who loses in the end? All appraisers! Shame on you for even mentioning a company like Lender Services in an Appraisal Format of any kind."

Not open for further replies.
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