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Palm vs. Pocket Total

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Joe LaRosa

Freshman Member
Mar 20, 2002
Has anyone used the Palm version of ACI - if so - does it serve its purpose and how does it compare to Pocket Total?

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
Professional Status
Licensed Appraiser
I am not in love with the ACI version:

1. I believe field collection of data should not involve having to flip through multiple screens having nothing to do with what we DO in the field.

2. it is cumbersome to move from screen to screen: they installed the entire URAR form inclusive of all fields on the palm version, very awkward to use for field collection....

there are many 'white space' areas that are unneccesary, and areas where 'on paper' I have field notes I don't want imprinted on the final version. ACI ARE YOU LISTENING???

3. Downloading the subject data in advance from your base unit IS useful, the much awaited field sketching program would probably be useful, but as is the program irritates me more than a clipboard and paper version.

4. Screen brightness is a minor issue, in full sunlight I was always twisting the screen to see better. I would hope that it would be possible to program for greater contrast (or customization), as found in many games used in full sun :roll:

No clue on the comparative usefulness re: Pocket Total version, there have been a couple threads on folks considering useing total for collection, converting to ACI for final production.


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser

ACI MAY BE LISTENING BUT THEY aint going to do anything until people say this is insane and go to another company.

I wanted to use the Total field system and convert to ACI--SO say forget it.

One would have to have a little bit of sympthy for Mr. G. O. because of all the parent Company problems.but his customers need a field data gathering systen on a PDA (or better)that would be like appraisers(NOT PROGRAMMERS) need.

Total almost has one, a with the HTML hooks from ACI it would work with it.

A company in Arizona has one for( I think Bradford)

Many, many ACI customers have agreed to help ACI with the development of a decent system.

Just think, all we need is reasonable drop down screens with our canned comment for that field. The URAR and ERC forms are all that is needed for most appraisers.

An old Radio Shack word processing program would handle it.

Then it would need a program on the deskto to accept AND (ARE YOU LISTENING ACI) then massage that data into the proper fields.

They are too lazy to build the intemediate program to do this.

If ACI cannot do this they should at least work with a 3rd party. Right now unless you have a little bit of access to their code, a 3rd party would be nuts to try to develop a program because ACI could scuttle it.

Hopefully some day-ed in arkansas
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