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Passed Allied's Final

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Denise Moore

Freshman Member
Mar 30, 2003
I have been lurking around here for about a week now, and this is my first post. I took Allied's final yesterday and scored 99%. That's one hurdle out of the way. :rolleyes: I have Fisher and Tosh's book Q&A To Help you pass the Real Estate Appraisal Exams and a disk from Allied with 750 questions as well. My question is are these the best tools to help me study, or is there something out there that I should use in addition. I was told the wait time is now about 90 days, so I have plenty of time to get prepared.

My sister-in-law is a REA and has a client already lined up for me, and I also have a mentor lined up.

Thanks for all the informative posts.



Senior Member
Apr 26, 2003
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
Hi Denise

99%? What happend to that other 1%?

I would be sure I mastered the basics before I chose to proceed :D

I used Fischer and Toch and passed state first try. In Ct. it is pass fail, so really dont know how good/bad I did.

Congrats to you.


Kelly S

Junior Member
Apr 25, 2003
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
Congrats from a fellow Allied scholar! I took the correspondence course and pass the state test two years ago.

I would definitely study the Q&A book. Something that REALLY helped me, though, was going to the California OREA website and download the Licensing Requirements Handbook. Besides having all of the info you may ever need, it has appendices with "Examination Content Outlines" for each of the levels of test. It lists the exam topics and the weighting of the topics on the test.

Here's a link to the Handbook in pdf:


Just a tip: the test takes a LONG time! Wear comfy clothes and make sure you've eaten a good meal beforehand to sustain your energy! Also, the site where I took my exam had the A/C cranked up, and I shivered throughout the whole thing, so be ready for anything so that you're comfortable.

One cool thing is that they score your test right there and then and you get the results (if you fail they give you your score, but if you pass, they don't - you just pass). At least then you don't have to wait for the results to come in the mail!

Good luck! Hope this helps!
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