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Passed Ca State Exam

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Sophomore Member
May 27, 2003
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Passed CA state exam today on my first try. Not as hard as I thought. 110 questions, 4 hours. I used nearly 2 hours to finish and check. I used OREA exam outline (http://www.orea.ca.gov/forms/lic_hdbk.pdf) and Fisher's book as my preparation tools.

I'm looking for a new mentor. The current mentor I'm working with is very helpful. But he's so booked that it genereally takes him 10 days to get my report reviewed. My clients are not very happy. I've already done about 20 appraisals by myself.

Thanks and good luck.
Zhen Cai

Marc T. Girard

Freshman Member
Apr 1, 2003
Great job on passing and getting hooked up. I'm taking the exam in the next 3 weeks. Did you use "1001 Appraisal questions" (fishers book I think) and the OREA outline found for brokers? I downloaded a 75 page "cheat sheet" that rehashed appraising; thought it was for brokers. Is that it?
Thanks for helping a Sacramento Wannabe!

Tetsuo Hosaka

Freshman Member
Dec 4, 2002
I have passed my exam last month in California.
If you study gQ&Ah by Fisher and Tosh, it should be OK.
I never found the same questions in the Exam though.
What I did was I went over those questions several times and copied the questions I got wrong on the 3 x 5 cards and put the explanations on the other side why I got wrong.
I skipped the Income Approach portion in the gQ&Ah book.
Before the Exam I reviewed the 3 x 5 cards until I got them all correct.

Good luck.
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