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permier service membership

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Freshman Member
Oct 16, 2002
I received an invoice today from ACI for 395.00 for premier membership service. I called and they told me it was an 'automatic' bill for tech support and upgrades. Anyone have this service and do you use it? I haven't used tech support in a year and can't recall about upgrades. Any information will be appreciated.


Aaron Klinger

Freshman Member
Feb 9, 2002
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
Hi Clay,

ACI may automatically bill for the premier membership, but you are under no obligation to pay for it unless you want it. They do have other options (I think that I saw a per incident tech support for about $75/incident - but check on the price). I have had mixed success with Premier service and sometimes think that they should rename it. The per incedent may be a better deal because I think that the charge may only apply if they actually fix the tech issue in question. Regarding updates, this could be an area contributing to the benifit of a Premier contract, though I think that minor product revisions may be included in your software purchase anyway. Check on all of these details, most of this is from memory (which is fading).
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