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Problem Finding E&O

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Michael Shutze

Thread Starter
Freshman Member
Nov 15, 2002
I am just licesened and am having a problem finding E&O everyone wants two years experience. Help!!!!

Ross (CO)

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Michael, ..... Perhaps you have been checking out the Forum for some time now, however, I see this is posting #1 for you. Our archives are full of commentary relating to E & O, the why's, the limits, the reasons, et al. You say you are ..."just...licensed", yet I do not know if you are descibing that as an element of ...very recently in time.....or the lowest "license" level attainable in Georgia. If you are new to the profession you need to be mentoring with another established and experienced appraiser who has higher license levels than your own. Are you working with another appraiser ?.....for that is where you will have to start to get those two years of experience, and they will very likely be able to include you under the umbrella of their coverage. My easy guess is there are about 6 to 8 prominent E & O providers for appraisers to contact and they advertise in our trade journals every issue. Beyond them there are sure to be another dozen in that business. If you are properly mentored, and have the characteristics which establish their own "protection" from evil-doers, then ideally you may never need E & O insurance........but, as some say, never say never. Good luck.
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