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Real Estate Tax Reductions

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Feb 9, 2006
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Some appraisers have been marketing real estate tax reductions through new appraisals in a declining market.

I was wondering if anyone has actually had any luck penetrating this market and, if so, what kind of results have you achieved?

Walter Kirk

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Jun 24, 2003
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New Jersey
I have done appraisals for tax appeals for years. It's very difficult to market this service and retain your credability as an impartial appraiser.

I would suggest that you study the appeal procedure in your area and then contact real estate brokers, lawyers and accountants. If you want to market to homeowners I would suggest marketing a consulting service rather than an appraisal at first. After you inspect the property and check the assessmrnt for accuracy you may reccomend an appraisal.
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