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Realtor.com Active Spring Home Shoppers Report April 12, 2017

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Mile High Trout

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Feb 13, 2008
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In other interesting news;

For the first time in US history, more people rent or lease or couch surf, than actually own homes.

As if the record setting mortgage debt loads was not bad enough, now many millenials are not even trying to buy.

The corporate promoted culture of leasing everything and owning nothing is taking hold and it may only be a matter of time before we're all carpet in the carpetbaggers sachels.

These millenials don't understand the value of private property rights and how such a concept built this country from the ground up. Those whom do not know history, are condemned to repeat it. If they knew the value of private property rights, they'd sing a different tune.

Me, I live with 3 girls and 1 bathroom. Yeah, that's an important concern which should not be overlooked.

This just in! A 10 foot broomstick is headed right for the bottom of your chair. Rates are up and according to HELOC analysists, may go 7 to 8% within only a few short years time. I find it interesting that as a consumer of primary mortgage products they say don't worry about the rate, creeping upward. But as a potential consumer of HELOC's, the HEL and LOC are notably safer products, given the high likely hood of future rate increases. Food for thought.

On private property; You do not have the right to not be offended. Sorry snowflakes, better luck next time.

Kennedy for ASC manager, or FNMA head, something important. Thanks.
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