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REO form

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Ted Martin

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Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Has anyone else notice that the REO form makes that file unstable and seems to really inflate the file size? Every time I add this form to the pack the file ballons in size and becomes very unstable. This happens on both of the machines on my network.

Ross (CO)

Senior Member
Jan 17, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Would you please help the rest of us by offering a little more description to the "REO form" you are referencing here. The ACI menu of Forms for our selection and use is probably about twice as long as it needs to be. There are many old and typically un-used forms from yesteryear in the line-up and when one selects from within the menu list they (ACI) do a very poor job of properly describing the page as well ! There is one called "Supplemental Real Estate Owned Appraisal Addendum" , which is a 1-pager where one introduces listing comparables and addresses the possible repair aspects of the subject and mentions as-repaired and as-is values with projected marketing times. Is this the form page you are speaking about ? While I have used it before I have not experienced any compounding of problems as a result. What do you mean by "unstable" reactions from adding this form page to a report ? What has the tech services group said to you about the problem ? Please share.

Farm Gal

Elite Member
Jan 14, 2002
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Licensed Appraiser
:lol: :lol: Ross, it was ugly!

Twas my report that repeatedly blew chunks (to put it mildly), and poor Ted had to patch the thing together over a couple of HOURS :evil: :!: ....This is going to ramble on but I think I am hitting all the steps, suggestions and final solution :roll: :roll: .

It is the "Real Estate Owned Appraisal" form that causes the problem...

A few of our clients want that one and soo... we have battled this dragon before, but usually not to this extent!

The problem is if you have more than 6 photos: it blows up, if you attempt to take the photos out, it blows up and I mean corrupts the file to the point that IF you are lucky and the backup file DIDN'T get corrupted you can remove the corrupt .ACI file and reload from .bac.... it will NOT reload the corrupted file even after full reboot.

HOWEVER I reccomend removing that .bac to a remote disc, so that ACI absolutely cannot overwrite it.... because in my case while attempting to remove the darned REO form it corrupted both files 8O

So my double cautious in house computer guru (Ted) had already saved to remote file and was able to repeatedly recover the data at least to the last uncorrupt save... :roll:

After about three go rounds with this (each necessitating a clearing of the temp Windows memory file which wound up saving some of the junk in some non-ACI file - which precluded re-entering ACI!) :roll: I have no clue on this: ask Ted..

Tech was at a loss and did the "Hunh?, we have no reports of this" dance.. which is NOT true as we have complained abut this before!!! I personally groused about this form before! so there tech!

So the tech recommended fix is to go into Options - Environment -- Advanced and uncheck the little box that says "Save report as ACI7.x" This saves the file as '.zoo' extension which is reportedly much more stable. yes and no. It would STILL lock, when I attempted to add regular text to the 1004 :evil:

The fix for that is to 'convert the file' off the File menu to the .zoo format!

This eventually DID permit me to enter the regular backup and remove the errant form :D Which I put into a DIFFERENT file so I could finish the basic report :x
So the solution is to save in the 32 bit .zoo format: but WAIT!!! eleswhere is written (and confirmed by tech suport)
WARNING!! The .zoo extention precludes sending any report through any national client receiving ACI format files... :?
Which we don't have many of having beat the majority into accepting locked PDF's... However in an effort not to cut off our nose to spite our face we have retained a few sources from whom checks flow that require ACI submissions!
So IF you do any national client work, YOU SHOULD NOT start any new files with that .ACI --> .zoo format box checked as the transistion is a one way street! meaning you have to go in and change the option back for any other work you are doing :x

Other tidbits: .ACI files get unstable after about 4 k .zoo reportedly go to infinity... We had already increased photo compression to reduce file size so this was NOT the primary issue...

After going to .zoo and fixing the photo sizes the thing only blew up twice more... TWICE while I was attempting to save!!! So I am not entirely convinced that it is all that stable! Each of these blow ups required Ted to do 'something' to get hte computer to allow ACI opening again (I don't know what)...

IT was a SPECIAL Friday afternoon.

OTher tidbit: in discussion I asked where my access to Delorme Mapping off of Tools went - that being my preferred route to sketch and mapping...(the toolbar button still works, but took some tweaking to get even that)

Tech says: oh they unhooked that in the latest update, they are supposed to put it back int he next upgrade :roll:

oh well... I will retrain my self eventually to just go for the button :evil:
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