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Response to Practicums

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Sep 25, 2007
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I have a few questions for you....
New guidelines state appraiser can get up to 50% of their training hours in this aspect.

Are you trying to get the hours in as fast as possible so that you can get to licensure as quick as possible (by taking a practicum)?
No that’s not the goal at all. The goal is to get some high quality training and some hours in the process. Real world or practicum, the numbers have to add up. This could be an alternative to making mistakes in the field and strengthen learning. And still yes expediate training in a sense, but not that much faster.
it would expediate my training

If this is your goal, it is my humble opinion that this is not the right course of education, nor the right mindset. This industry (it is no longer a profession in the residential world) has way too many people trying to get the minimal amount of education and go on their own after two years of "training". Much of the training by the way was given by people who didn't know what they were doing in the first place.
The board certifies APPRAISERS, if they don’t know what they are doing that’s not my fault, and I doubt they would be teaching practicums.
you can get 50% of your Exp. Hours this way

Once again this indicates that the road less traveled, the road with the least amount of obstacles is the road to take, and that is not the answer.
The road with the least obstacles is the best roadin some cases depending on the situation and the experience. Im not going to swim across a 10 mile lake when I have the option of swimming a 5 mile and get the similar results.
Very Frustrating because I am trying to get my hours also and If I don't get them in 2 years (and working a full time job, I won't get them)

You can get your hours, you just might have to take a new test or take additional education courses. Do you not want to be knowledgeable enough to take the new test or do you not have the desire to take additional education? I would think that anyone who wants to make a professional change would want to be as qualified as they can be, and that would include taking the new test and fulfilling the new education requirements.

Why would I take the test over again if I have passed. That makes no sense. If that were the case I could simply take more classes if I wanted to strengthen my skill. I think this one was directed at danielpaws...

This is your future chosen PROFESSION, would you want to hold anyone else less accountable than the minimum standards?

The minimum standards are set by the AQB not me, they mentioned the practicums, but refuse to implement them. Therefore if its rubbish they need to remove that dialogure from the training criteria as it is useless, as it is now. I wouldn’t hold it against an appraiser who trained for 3-4 years and took a couple of practicums for a couple hundred of hours towards training, as long as he was competent.
I will have to take my Test over again.

And this is a problem? Shouldn't you want to be competent for the new test?

I don’t have to take the test over again, I passed already.
They are really making it hard to be an Appraiser!

Do you think it should be easy? You are giving an opinion of value to peoples homes (assuming you are pursuing the residential license). This is the biggest investment these people will ever make in their lives, and I am assuming that they would want the most qualified and educated person to do the job, wouldn't you want the same if it were your home?

yes I would, but i wouldn't hold taking some flight simulations against a pilot, as long as he had enough real world. Im not talking about 50% of 2000. Im talking about 10-15% in the down time and some more classes...what's wrong with that if the instructors are competent? I think the real isssue is nobody knows how to approach the AQB about this so its just sits under the carpet....never being implemented. It wouldnt be there if someone didnt think it was useful. But the idea has been wasted, and appraisers (older appraisers) dont want newbies getting out "easy" but its not, just an alternative, to keep it moving. In the end we are still talking about appraisals.
to get high quality training in consideration of real world situations

There is no substitute for real world training. You cannot learn it in a classroom. It is my humble opinion that a residential appraiser should have three years minimum of training before they are allowed to go out by themselves.
I agree, no substitution for real world, but flight simulations go on everyday, so are they useless to?
In my opinion most supervisors are basically instructors as well in a sense

Unfortunately you are incorrect. Most supervisors were greedy in the boom and did not teach their trainees anything except how to fill out forms. That has been one of the biggest downfalls in the industry.
That is in your experience, and you may be right, but we (the trainees) are the future and I will look to change that, at least in my circle of appraisers…that’s the old mentality.
Its a win win situation if there are enough interested trainees and the AQB will approve the practicums...as well as the state.

In my opinion that would be a lose situation.
Its only a lose situation if you gain absolutely nothing out of it. This isn’t the case.
failed by 4 questions

This is another reason you should try to get the new qualifications. The tests were extremely easy....to fail shows that you are not ready.

This post is not to admonish or insult, only to try to educate you. I hope if you want to enter this field you do so with the goal of being good at it, and that should take considerable time, effort, education and extensive training.

I failed by 4 questions the first time….extremely easy by whose terms? And if it were so easy, then the real world should be just as easy. People are different, Ex...(Michael Jordan got cut from his highschool team...he failed, but that doesnt mean he couldnt be the greatest.)

I appreciate your comments but I don’t agree with everything if not most of what you say. But that’s what this forum is for. And yes you are probably right I will do it the way most experienced appraisers have done it in the past. But there is no reason not to look for alternatives to training and assume that everyone must do things the way you did.
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