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Sb 1185

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Robert Dunkle

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Jan 17, 2002
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So what are your thoughts on the recently filed (or pre-filed) SB1185? If you haven't read it or heard about it, it will, among other things, allows for anonymous filings of "grievances". It appears the good sentator from Enid wants to make sure that another Dan Montague incident doesn't happen out there and believes that there are a bunch of legitimate complaints that are not being filed by people (mainly appraisers) because of the fear of retribution.

I've received several e-mails from people on both sides. I tend to think that if someone wants to file a "grievance" against me, I should be able to know who did it. However, the cops have a tip hotline where you can be anonymous and the DHS hotline allows for anonymity. I have to say that I am not faced with "small town politics" as most of my work is in the big Tulsa Metro, but I can see where there might be some concern in the smaller towns. If it gets rid of some of the "skippies" we have around here, it might be worth it.

The fact is, "grievances" are given a pretty good airing by the PCC and the Board before a "complaint" is ever filed and it is the Board that, ultimately, files the "complaint". If we are doing reasonably good work that is not "pushing" values or overlooking problems, we, hopefully, don't have much to worry about. The fact that someone thinks we charged too much or didn't get the value up to what they thought it should be, or didn't refund our fee when the value wasn't enough for them to refinance, should be squelched pretty quickly by the PCC. These types of "grievances" are now being received by the Board on a fairly regular basis.

There is going to be a special Board meeting on January 28 that I think every appraiser who has an opinion yea or nay should attend. If we don't get involved at this level, we shouldn't complain if a bill gets passed that we don't like.
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