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Seeking Mentor In Metro Atlanta Area

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Sophomore Member
Jan 27, 2003
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
South Carolina

I'm a registered appraiser looking for another mentor in the metro area of Atlanta. I have my own licensed copy of Wintotal and my own subscription to Redlink.

I have completed close to 40 URAR residential appraisals. I am doing my 40th residential appraisal today (5/29/03). I'm looking for a mentor with significant experience in reviewing, residential, and small income appraisals.

I have a some of my own work but would probably need a little work from my mentor to stay afloat. Please let me know if you could use some help from a slightly experienced registered appraiser.

Thank you,
Jeff R.


Freshman Member
May 17, 2003
Professional Status
Certified General Appraiser
Jeff, I am newer than you, probably, but constructive criticism: 1. What type appraisals have you completed, full narratives? Narratives? Limited Summaries? Churches? Subdivisions? Condemnations? Residential forms? A little more communication could help people know what your strengths are.
Suggest you not end a sentence with a preposition.
Finally, it might be more graceful to say you are looking for another mentor, not a better mentor. Possibly "A mentor with significant experience in (reviewing? editing? high end residential? Subdivisions? acre plus residential? condos÷ Wintotal? ACI? technology? you pick.)

Hope it goes well for you.

Bob B.
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