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Setting The Record Straight

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Don Clark

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Jan 17, 2002
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Since the OEIPU Meets with Fannie Mae thread has been locked, and I have no opportunity otherwise to respond to the untrue allegations made by Bill Sentner of the AGA, I would like to do so now. I have never met Bill, Sentner. In 1998 he contacted me about assisting him in promoting the union in Virginia. He sent me a fax application. I declined to join or have any involvement with the union. I am not mad at him for any reason. I do believe however that he should tell the truth about his persistence in trying to get me to join, and trying to get me to be the union rep in Virginia. I have never made application to join his union. I do not believe in unions, I will never join a union. I joined the NAIFA early this year, went through a lengthy process of submitting demos of current appraisals, proving my long tenure as an appraiser, and my educational background. I was awarded the IFA designation this month. I have 18 years as an appraiser, an assocuates degree in real estate, 30 years in real estate after a 20 year in the US Navy. I was recommended for s seat on the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board by the Virginia Association of Realtors this year. I serve on the board of directors of the appraisal section of the VAR and have for 2 years. I have spoken out about the union idea. I have not attacked Bill Sentner, and do not know him and have never met him that I am aware of. The statements that he made on the now locked thread are not true. Ih he ever contacted anyone in Virginia concerning me it was not on my behalf, and not the result of any application for membership or otherwise. Just to set the record straight.

Don Clark, IFA
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