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"Sorry - no matches. Please try some."

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Atlanta CG

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Why is this happening? This morning there were 145 "results" and page 1 with 1-25 showed up. When I click on page 2 I get the following message-"Sorry-no matches. Please try some different terms." There are 6 pages of messages but I can only get page 1.
This is not the first time this is happening.
Jan 13, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
If you are talking about hitting "New Posts" here on the forum, you waited too long before clicking on something. I don't know how long it is before it resets, I'm guessing it's around 20 minutes. You have to keep clicking on the posts listed for it to keep them. Otherwise, you will have to click 'new posts' again; if it hasn't reset, you will get all new posts and the prior ones, if you did nothing on the forum for too long, you will get only the new ones posted AFTER the ones that were listed before.
Not open for further replies.
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