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South Florida: Mold

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Farm Gal

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Jan 14, 2002
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:lol: :lol: :lol:
OK a moldy car story for you...

Just out of high school, during summer break, I had parked my car on the INSIDE of the curve (in front of my hillside rental home) while I schlepped groceries upstairs for the BIG get together sceduled for that weekend.

I never parked there...

I got sidetracked putting this away and starting that side dish, and yup, forgot to move the car across the street.

This was my lovingly restored 1965 Ford Falcon. At 2 am...Screeech: Bang, and no body even had to tell who's car got hit, I knew it down to my itty bitty toes. A young gent had lots too much champagne at a wedding and bye-bye Blue.

So my boyfriend tells me that a friend of his has a car for sale that might fit my budget, said it was 'mechanically sound (tho not running) but a little errr ugly.

It wasn't too far away, parked in a carport, wanna go see? Sure said I between sobs, after hearing the "kiss off any money, honey, the young gent was amongst the uninsured"...

Car owned by a dope smokin' bachelor engineering/computer nerd "wanna-be he man", who could stab himself near fatally if permitted a screwdriver. All the shop manuals come with the car, even outlined most of the circuitry in various shades of highlighters... He had (I kid you not) broke a wire while fiddling with the radio. Boyfriend mine assured me he could get it running for under $4.00.

Now to view it... now don't be alarmed, honey says he.... it isn't as bad as it looks...

Member the little habit I said the guy had? He lived in the middle of fast food alley, and about one block from the ocean... He washed the car once a week at a car wash... It was not one of Ford's better years for paint. car was covered with silver dollar sized rust spots between which you could sort of discern that it once had white paint... and then he opened the door 8O

The owner also smoked a little pipe while waiting for the car to emerge from the automatic wash. Then generally got the "munchies", stopped for food, then tossed the greasy remains in the back seat, along with at least one OJ carton a DAY... and then parked it damp inside and out in a dark carport a block from the ocean. It had fast food debris from the back hatch to the top of the front seats.

Even the STEERING wheel was covered with mold. :(

But I could afford it, $200.

Only time in my life I have sat on the ground in a public place and bawled my eyes out. :cry:

Then I stripped the interior down to parts I couldn't pry, unscrew or otherwise disengage... took carpet cleaner, and many buckets of fairly strong bleach solution, and set to work... many days of work later....it looked nice on the inside and well, ugly out.

I drove it for three years, until I could afford a better car, and then bought the same model, cause I liked driving the little Mercury Capri, but the old one was just too ugly to look at any more :wink: !

and never saw anothe speck of mold.
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