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The Nice Newphew Lo Helping Her Aunt

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Apr 23, 2002
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I get the call from the fast talking LO wanting a Form 2055,
(turns out he use to be a car salesman). I tell him my fee
and time frame, and he's just shocked at my fee, which is
$75 higher than California. He wants to negoiate fee, but
I tell him no, that's the fee. He says he has to check around.

Fannie eventually upgrades the report to a 1004, which is another
story, but the kicker is the realtor gets wind of the closing cost,
and the newphew charges a 3% loan fee to his aunt. Total 'lender
charges' are about $7K on a $88K loan, this is stuff that goes directly to
the lender, not pre-paid this and that.

So here is a LO who has to check around for a $25 or $50 item,
while he has no trouble screwing a relative out of $5 to $6K on
a small loan. I'm so glad FNMA, Congress and RESPA are looking out
for the little guy. Sad.


Mountain Man

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Jan 15, 2002
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If you had accepted, next thing ya' know, he'd ask you to send in an invoice for the previously discussed amount. ;)

Pine Tree

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Aug 19, 2002
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Similarly, I once had the "pleasure" of appraising a property for an inter family sale... Brother selling to sister.. he wanted to build a new house.. which was going to cost a pretty penny. Mother is local real estate agent who had faild to sell son's house at the contract price now U/C to daughter... Detect any maternal favoritism? Let us just say this office is not one that real estate agent/mom seeks out to do her sales.. for which we are very grateful. Peace, W :wub:
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