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Trade Act And Newbies

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Paul Sandeen

Freshman Member
Jun 21, 2003
I am a newbie wanting to enter the appraisal field. My background is in machining however I have had considerable experience in drafting,blueprint reading,and other related areas.

The company I worked for has closed its doors and moved its operations to Mexico. This has openned the door to training dollars and schooling through the trade act. My questions :
1.Does your forum know if the trade act will infact help with the training of a newbie?
2. Would it be better to go to school first or to find a mentor and learn the basics before the school?

The forums help in this matter could help me with my future. I am willing to do the work but helping the mentor with the expenses my improve my chances in finding a mentor.

Jim Williams

Freshman Member
Mar 12, 2003
Paul, Good question as I went through the same thing myself. In Oregon they would not pay for the schooling unless I could coordinate with the school and an Appraiser to pretty much guarantee me employment once I was done with the classes. Their reasoning is that because we must mentor and earn 2000 points to become an appraiser I was not quote "job ready"
I tried that but as it was hard to find a mentor in the first place it did not work out and I just paid for the schooling myself and found a great mentor a short time after I was done with school. At the time I thought it would be a good deal for an Appraiser as the Employment Dept. would have paid for the schooling and my unemployment during most of my Apprenticeship.
Dealing with the government is always a crap shoot and in your state you may find a counselor who will not have a problem with it.
I know somebody who just got his Trade Act Assistance approved. He is going to Arizona to go to school to learn how to manage golf courses fully paid, school, his unemployment, moving expenses, everything, go figure.
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